Step into the vibrant outdoor setting of Chapungu Sculpture Park, where every corner resonates with the certified natural wild heartbeat of the community. Whether you’re envisioning the perfect fundraiser, an intimate exchange of vows, a soul-stirring concert, a laid-back company picnic, or a transformative corporate celebration, Colorado’s Chapungu Sculpture Park is your natural oasis. Nestled across 26 lush acres, the Great Lawn, beckons with its expansive embrace, accommodating gatherings over 500+ or transforming into a memorable family gathering for your special moments. Beyond the park’s natural beauty, discover a tapestry of nearby dining, entertainment, and hotel accommodations, all seamlessly accessible nearby for your convenience. With easy access to Denver, Estes Park, and Fort Collins, Chapungu Sculpture Park in Centerra earns its rightful place on your travel destination bucket list.

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Free Admission

26 Acres

82 Sculptures


Native Shrubs & Trees


Ornamental Grasses

Endless Photo Opportunities

Wildlife including deer, geese, ducks, songbirds, raccoons, fox, and frogs

Wildlife including deer, geese, ducks, songbirds, raccoons, fox, and frogs

Dog-friendly with pet water fountain

Public Restroom (during summer hours)


Signs installed at the park including main entry, directional, interpretive, and sculpture identification
Benches, gathering plazas, and sitting areas
Access paths into the park (6 originating from the Promenade Shops) and two bridges

 1.5 miles of concrete pathway/fine gravel trail

 1.5 miles of concrete pathway/fine gravel trail

The Ecology of Centerra

Centerra, an award-winning master-planned community in Loveland, CO., is located in an eco-region known as the short grass prairie on the high and dry western edge of the Great Plains. This region is essentially a desert environment with a scant 10-14 inches of precipitation per year. However, it is a place of great biological diversity with over 600 species of birds, reptiles, mammals and plants. Many animals and plants have developed unique strategies for adapting to the climate which is characterized by bright sun, low humidity and desiccating winds. With the help of master-developer McWhinney and High Plains Environmental Center, efforts are made throughout Centerra to preserve native plant diversity, help maintain open space by enhancing wildlife habitat, create communal areas, and offer colorful botanical garden areas throughout the 26-acre park.

In 2018, Centerra became Colorado’s first Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and Chapungu Sculpture Park contributed towards this designation by creating a walkable community filled with art, culture, botanical gardens and gathering areas where people, wildlife and nature can all flourish.