The Process of Sculpting

In Zimbabwe, stones are extracted from open quarries by hand or with the use of mechanical winches and cranes. They are never blasted or cut by saws into uniform sizes, but rather merge as individual geodes – “God’s Sculptures” – which often immediately inspire these artists. The stones are covered by a thin outer skin, oxidized over centuries, which contrasts with the inner color. Artists often use a common hammer and chisel to chip away at the stone blocks. They also use files, brushes, rags and cloths, punches, mallets, and wet or dry sanding paper to bring the finished work to a shine. Sculptures are never colored or dyed, their colors resonating from the minerals in the rock.

The artists represented in the “artists” section are only the main artists Chapungu represents. Chapunugu Sculpture Park at Centerra represents many more artists than those listed on this website.

The following list includes Chapungu Sculpture Park main artists whose biographies were unavailable at the time of information release. Biographies and photography will be updated as received.

  • Dewu Bangura
  • Elwans Chemapako
  • Enos Gunja
  • Condutor Kagore
  • Makina Kameya
  • Wazi Maicolo
  • Josiah Manzi
  • Faro Mavunga
  • December Mbonge
  • Gregory Mutasa
  • Tendayi Mutasa
  • Euwitt Nyanhongo
  • Saidi Sabiti
  • Ndale Wilo