Fanizani AkudaBorn in 1949 in Zambia

    Fanizani Akuda came to Zimbabwe in 1949 and is much loved and respected by the art community there. After working as a basketweaver, cotton-picker, brickmaker, woodcutter and cattle herder, he came to Tengenenge where Tom Blomefield asked him to try his hand at sculpture. He refused, saying he was not able to do such work, but agreed to dig 30 tons of stone for other artists. When finished, Blomefield paid him and handed him a bag of sculpting tools, asking him again to try. His early works reflect a distinctive style, which has become his trademark. Soft rounded forms, eyes split horizontally, an acute perceptiveness, and a sence of humor, give his work immediate appeal. He lived many years among the most important sculptors of Tengenenge. He now lives in Harare with his wife, Elina, and seven children. He has exhibited extensively and has a devoted body of collectors worldwide.

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