Mavis Mabwe(1961 – 2001)

    Born in 1961 in Chivu District died in 2001

    Mavis Mabwe was born in the Chivu District For many year, Mavis Mabwe and worked with her famous uncle, Nicholas Mukomberanwa for many years. In spite of his strong influence, she was always able to retain her unique style. In 1995, she joined the Chapungu Resident Artist Program. For the next four years, she produced some spectacular and powerful works. Her spontaneous laughter and joyfulness influenced everyone, and her dedication and determination to succeed were much admired. In 1999, her son became seriously ill, and she spent all her time and financial resources nursing him back to health. In 2001, she passed away and a potentially brilliant career was cut short. She is remembered with much affection.

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