Stanford DerereBorn 1956 in Makosa District

    Stanford Derere attended the BAT Workshop of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe where a foundation course allowed him to explore a variety of media for sculptures. It is natural that he incorporates stone, metal and wood into his sculptures of birds, studies at close quarters of any avian species, Indeed Derere’s sculptures are a panorama of the bird life of Zimbabwe. Stanford Derere’s work is well loved in many countries by bird lovers. He is able to detail not only the appearance of the bird but its behaviour, and often his sculptures are of two or three birds in a given situation. The movement of the bird is somehow apparent in his sculptures. There are sculptures of birds about to fly and sculptures of birds pecking the ground, and sculptures of two birds singing their songs of love. Stanford Derere sculpts what he knows best, the lively bird life of his rural background. He knows and loves his subjects, and replicates it with truth and honesty.

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